It’s a start

I finally got all the windows xp updates installed, along with all the various drivers for the Intel Atom d510. That certainly took awhile!

The next step was to get as couple of systems emulated. The first thing I did was install Arcade Maximus – it’s the same frontend I used for my arcade machine and it works great.

After getting that setup I wanted to take it slow. The first thing I installed was 2600 support — which represents the low end of what I need. Once I got that up and running I went for the high end of my system, the n64. I really just wanted to make sure that my Intel Atom could handle it and sure enough it could.




So next up I need to get all the systems working with my keyboard.

I also ordered an old nes system off eBay so I can begin the hardware modifications.

Once that’s all setup I’ll start ordering the controllers. Very exciting, but keep in mind this is going to be a long project; most likely a couple of months.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for now!