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Hey there,

Well, i am just getting started with this whole blogging thing….a little late to the party I know.

There are a couple of reasons I haven’t blogged in the past. The first reason is that I’m not a big pontificator of things. A lot of people who blog are like “let’s talk about the world and the things that are wrong with it”. While I don’t disagree with the sentiment I’m not one to go into it other than the occasional drunk conversation.

The second is that it takes so much time to be entertaining. I don’t know how David Sedaris does it! Anyway here i am blogging for a little while at least.

But I digress.. So I’m on Twitter today (@rlindsley) and the strangest follower started following me. iOmega. You remember these guys? They used to make the Zip drives and then followed up with the Jaz drive.

Zip drives were the shizzle when I was back at Microsoft in the 90’s. They were like 100MB or something like that and people loved them. I never used them because i didn’t think they were really enough space to do anything with. See, I had a cd burner back in 91 at the office (it was the size of two refrigerators and made by Meridian Data or something like that) and in 94 on my home computer, so I never saw much need for one. After all CDs were 660MB! WOW!

But where I got really excited was when they introduced Jaz drives. Those things held an entire gigabyte! That was a lot of freakin storage space. I could hold a lot of crap with that much space. If you don’t remember these, they were actually pretty hilarious little devices. The disks themselves were almost the size of a PS3 game case and when you put them in the drive had that mechanic motor sound that sucked the disk in (notice my spelling of ‘disk’). But damn if they didn’t have a lot of space!

I used my Jaz drive for probably two years. They eventually came out with a 2GB version but at that point I was over it, hard drives were much higher capacity and I was already getting into the Internet, which at the time was essentially a big hard drive.

Or maybe I’m getting my timing messed up. After all, I’m 38, which I think in Internet time is like 500 years old.

iOmega…. Wonder what those guys are up to now…. I could look at their Twitter feed i guess.