Gutting an NES

Last week I bought an NES off of eBay.  I paid a whopping $10 for it!  It didn’t include any of the power or TV cables, but that didn’t matter to me because I planned on gutting it for my retro machine.

It took me a couple of days to find a screwdriver that could open the thing up.  The screws are standard screws, but the screwdriver needs to be really thin to get access to the screws.

Here is it opened up

2013-09-09 18.30.58







2013-09-09 18.33.58








2013-09-09 18.37.45 2013-09-09 18.37.31













Once all the parts were taken out of the NES I sealed it back up so I wouldn’t lose the screws.  Here it is empty.

2013-09-09 18.37.05







And all sealed back up…

2013-09-09 18.45.19







Now I just need to find a Dremel tool to cut the insides apart so I can fit my PC in there.

Until next time…..