Arcade machine parts are arriving!

Hey everybody,

So I started receiving parts today for my arcade machine in the mail.  It was a really fun day.  Here’s the recap!


The first box that arrived?  What could it be???






Boo!!  It’s the connectors to the microswitches.  A necessary item, but not the most exciting thing on earth…





The next box that arrived?  What could this be??






And it’s the wrench to tighten the buttons to the control panel.  It makes things easier, but when am I going to get some exciting stuff???





And the next box to arrive!!






It’s a crappy $15 keyboard I bought from  I wanted to use it to set up the computer.  But you know what, this was broken in shipping!  Wah wah.  Looks like I need to return it.






Another box??  I’m like a kid at Christmas….except so far I’ve only got uninteresting and broken things.  [insert something funny here] And…..





It’s some wire.  This will allow me to wire my controls to the keyboard encoder I mentioned in my last post.





Also in the box….a pair of speakers!  Guess what these do 😉






Another package.  This is really an amazing day.  How did I get so much stuff??





These are the microswitches.  For those that don’t know, these plug into the buttons and the joysticks.  The wire hooks into these and into the keyboard encoder.  The keyboard encoder hooks into the computer which translates the buttons to keypresses, which results in Mario jumping on screen!





These are the macadamia nut kisses that came with the microswitches.  Thanks Paradise Arcade Shop!





Final box of the day!  It better be good!






It’s the joysticks for the control panel and mounts for the computer .  The mounts will allow me to remove the computer mainboard from its current computer case and put it directly inside the arcade cabinet.  This doesn’t give any benefit other than looking cooler (and only when you open up the arcade machine).


So, pretty nerdy, but what are ya gonna do?






That’s all I received today.  There’s not much I can do as far as assembly, so for now this needs to go into a newly created ‘project pile’.  We’ll see what comes in the mail tomorrow!  I’m doing a lot of thinking about ‘the plan’ on how this thing will come together.

Will post more soon.


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